Teaching Support

Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) combines several different groups from across campus to help advance teaching at Stanford.  Their website contains lots of information about teaching and pedagogy events happening around campus.  They also have resources about and links to general information about teaching, as well as specifics on teaching at Stanford.  Finally, the VPTL provides details about the many teaching-related grants and awards that are available for Stanford teachers.
Additional Training

In addition to running CA Orientation (which is required for new CAs), the VPTL is  committed to training and supporting CAs year round, through workshops, communication classes, individual consultation, and many other resources. If you have an interest in improving your communication skills or pursuing teaching as a career, check out their web page or stop by and meet the friendly folks in Sweet Hall. You can also watch your email for announcements of their teaching related talks and events. Remember that even a minor teaching role as a CA is still the start of a teaching portfolio. The VPTL can help you maximize the benefit of your teaching experience.
Teaching Evaluations

Stanford offers several forms of evaluation and feedback for CAs.  For example, as a CA, you may request an online mid-quarter evaluation for your class/section, which gives students a chance to provide you with anonymous feedback during the quarter.  The VPTL can also make a video recording of your lecture or section that they will discuss with you one-on-one to offer comments and suggestions. Another service offered is small group feedback.  These in-class sessions are led by trained evaluators and are a big help in gauging students’ opinions on what is or isn’t working in your class or section.