Campus Resources

Stanford provides a number of additional resources for all TAs on campus. These services are not administered by the Department of Computer Science.

  • A large TA support portal has been created by the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL)
  • The official Stanford TA handbook provides information to supplement the advice on our site
  • You can find a listing of available Graduate Workshops, many of them centered on the teaching experience, here.
  • On this page you'll find a variety of evaluations and other forms that you can customize for your course

Sometimes you need backup.

Occasionally, you will encounter difficult situations as a CA. Most of these are (thankfully) best handled by someone with a higher pay grade. Who that person is varies:

  • Students struggling academically should be directed towards campus tutoring services.
  • Students in distress should be directed towards CAPS or The Bridge
  • Honor code violations are handled by the course professor and the Office of Community Standards
  • Sexual harassment can be brought to the course professor or to the Sexual Harassment Office directly
  • Students with accommodations, such as those needing extra time on an exam, should provide a letter from the Office of Accessible Education
  • Issues with the CA workload or the professor/CA relationship should be directed to the CA Mentor or Meredith Hutchin.

Don’t hesitate to contact the CA mentor, Meredith, or Danielle with any additional teaching-related concerns. We are happy to help!